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we are translating our webshop (more than 5.000 items) into German. As it is a lot of work to translate each product text manually, we plan to work with building blocks, so specific phrases and their equivalents in German (I know that languages never correspond for a 100%). These building blocks must be implemented, I could do so by the search and replace function, but this might take a lot of time. That is why I thought there could be an excel-formula that could help us out.

What I am searching for is a formula that says the following:

“If a cell in column A contains the same text as cell B1, this text in column A should be replaced by the text in cell C1.”

But the cells in column A are often not 100% the same as cell B1. For example, cell A1 says: “This product is 100 cm high and weighs 3,0 kgs.” There would be a building block in cell B1 that translates “This product is” into its German equivalent, and another building block in  cell B2 that translates “cm high and weighs” et cetera.


Thank you in advance!

By: Brecht Kapittel

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