Report including formulas

I want to create a report for the following case study:



Deliverable: Create a concise 2013 Year End Report that compares current year vs. previous year


Comparisons should include:


– volume and charges 

– month to month       

– quarter          

– service line   

– top countreis

– top regions   

– payor


Please show any columns and formulas you add to the raw data files.        

You will need to lookup Region and Payors from the last two tabs.


Please make sure that part of your work includes various formulas including:         

            – pivot table (Required)

            – vlookup (Required)

            – concatenate (Optional)

            – right and left functions (optional)

            – month and year functions (Required)

            – others you deem appropriate


Please note that I want ALL the formulas to be included as well as the appropriate ones.



I have the data in Excel, please advise if you are an expert in such report, how fast can you create the report and how much do you want?

By: Salim

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