Modifying Pivot Table blank cells

I have a question regarding Pivot Table modifying. I am using Excel 2013. What I want to do is to compare one product’s (which is the company’s product) prices to competitors product’s prices. I have modified the data to one sheet using macros and made a pivot table including following data: as a filter there is date and some detailed information of the model. As a columns there is products. As a rows there is countries and retailers. And as a value there is prices. 

The problem is, that not all retailers(countires) are selling all the competitors products that i am supposed to compare to company’s product. So there are blank cells in the value part (prices). But what I would like to do is to delete all the rows (countries and retailers) that do not sell the company product so that I can make comparison analysis. It does no mind if other columns but company’s product column have empty cells. 

I am not very good with pivot table so what can I do? Can I for instance insert calulated item or so?

Thank you.

By: Ida

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