Identify date when a criterea was reached in data table

I am trying to create a attendance record that identifies when employees have met minimum requirements for hours completed. For example, new employees are required to complete 4 hours of training, so on what date did employee “X” meet this requirement based on the event log? I have simplified the data table for illustration, but in the end it will include 10 or more types of “events”, not just Seminar and Training, and include a roster of dozens of employees. What is the easiest way to search the employees column of attendance, and identify by date entry when they have met minimum values for a specific entry catagory? Here is a basic idea of the data table:


    Min. Seminars 2  
Min. Training 4
Date Event Emp 1 Emp 2 Emp 3 Emp 4 Emp 5 Emp 6 Emp 7 Emp 8 Emp 9 Emp 10
1 1/1/2000 Seminar X X X X X X X
2 1/19/2000 Training X X X X
3 2/5/2000 Training X X X X X
4 2/14/2000 Seminar X X X X
5 3/7/2000 Training X X X X X X X X
6 3/20/2000 Training X X X X
7 4/8/2000 Seminar X X X
8 5/3/2000 Seminar X X X X X
9 5/12/2000 Training X X X X X X
10 5/19/2000 Training X X X X X
Date Min. Sem. Accomplished:
Date Min. Training Accomplished:                      

By: Don Gulledge

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