Exclude monthly data from chart series


I am trying to create a chart that excludes the current months data (see table below). I have managed to do this before for daily data see example of formula:  (=IF(AF2>=TODAY(),NA(),IF(AF3=0,NA(),AF3)), but cannot seem to replicate a similar formula for monthly data. I have added a formula to return a N/A when there is zero data which works for the chart, but because the month has part data it pulls through in the chart affecting the trendline.



April-14 May-14 June-14 July-14 August-14 September-14 October-14
168,246 123,237 102,474 182,026 62,960 #N/A #N/A
241,569 179,241 156,038 261,682 82,208 #N/A #N/A
108,726 78,627 62,814 145,899 51,604 #N/A #N/A
20,666 19,650 19,407 25,912 11,687 #N/A #N/A
8,295 9,467 9,284 12,812 5,382 #N/A #N/A


By: Mathew

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