Even Distribution & Hide a Value in Formula

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Ok have two things i want to do and have no idea how to do it.

1) Evenly distributing one column over three other columns.

So, at work we have lists of all the employee’s within the bank. We keep these lists in excel files. I’m trying to somplify the way we do these by typing all the names into one column but now i need the names to even distribute across three columns (sometimes more). I also need it so that if there are only lets say 12 names on one list, then it still evenly distributes 4 names in each column, others could have 64 names so i need it to evenly distribute the 64 names into 22 names in two columns and 20 in the third. The names would be filtered alphabetically from the original column and i need the names to stay in alphabetical order going down the list. Is this possible?

2) Hide a value in a formula.

I am currently using the great formula =(a2)&” “&(b2) which is doing what i want, however in a few cells, theres no data in the b column and value is returning the a column and then value 0;
“Example A”
“Example 0”
“Example B”

So it’s doing what i want correctly, but on the second one where it shows “0” within the returned value, i want only the “0” hidden/not appear but i still want the “Example” part to appear. How can i get the formula not to show the “0” value?


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By: Adam

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