Please can you help with a simple formular. I ve got a spreadsheet with a large data. I want to get specific data from that spreadsheet to another workbook.

pls see sample below, so i want to have a formula where if i have 2001 on the second work book it will be equals to the full address and be able to drag down subsequently.

2001  Pittodrie Express 472 Kings Street Aberdeen Grampian AB24 1SA Scotland
2002  Abergele Market Street Abergele Gwynedd LL22 7AA Wales
2004  Addiscombe Express 100-102 Lower Addisco Croyden Surrey CR0 6AD England
2005  Abington Express 348 Wellingborough Ro Northampton Northamptonshire NN1 4EX England
2006  Abertillery Castle Street Abertillery Gwent NP13 1UR Wales

thanks very much


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