Multiple criteria in a single criteria range in countifs

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i’m trying to do something using countifs but i am not able to do it, is it posible to use countifs and in the criteria input a range or lets say multiple cell that will be use in counting? currently i’m using this formula =SUM(COUNTIFS(C:C,$N1,J:J,$O$2),COUNTIFS(C:C,$N1,J:J,$O$1,I:I,$Q$1),COUNTIFS(C:C,$N1,J:J,$O$1,I:I,$Q$2),COUNTIFS(C:C,$N1,J:J,$O$1,I:I,$Q$3))

as of now the formula are still okay because i still have few numbers of criteria but in the future if it will increase i want it to automatically be included in the formula, like the criteria will be all the data in a single column.

if its not possible please reply to my email and if its possible please teach me the correct formula and if its possible the code in VBA or if you can guide me in another way that could help me.


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