How to completely hide worksheet contents

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I need to anonymise one worksheet within my entire excel document. I can’t have anyone reading what is in it as it’s for data protection. ONly myself and manager.

Is there a way, other then password protecting, where I think that just stops editing, that I can do this?

A BIG, BIG thank you for any help.


By: Maggie

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  1. andrew walker Post author


    You could try a combination of methods to try to secure it from viewing. Highlight the entire worksheet, set font colour to white, and right click the mouse button and Format Cells. On the Protection tab tick the Hidden sheet and click OK. Then, still with the entire sheet selected protect the sheet with a password. Before entering the password untick the “select locked cells” and “select unlocked cells” options, then enter your password. This should then make the contents ‘invisible’ and the user should be unable to select any cell on the worksheet. Then to lock it even further you could write a simple macro as follows:

    Sub Lock_Cells()
    Sheets("YOUR SHEET NAME").visible=xlVeryHidden
    End Sub

    This will then completely hide the sheet from view. It will not even appear in the list of hidden sheets.

    Having said the above, if the data is that sensitive I would recommend you don’t store it in Excel.

    Thanks for writing. 🙂

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