Creating a list from a data table

Is there an excel formula(s) to take the information in a table and put it in list?
A sumifs formula works to create the listing by using named ranges.
ie: =sumifs(Jan,Account,etc…) the named range “Jan” being the 3rd column in the “Current report layout”.
This is prone to error for large amounts data with multiple months.
For example in the “Listing layout” one of the Feb accounts could be using the “Jan” named range. With large amounts of data finding the one account with the incorrect named range is very difficult.

Current report layout
Account Cost Ctr Jan Feb
1000 10 25.5 63.8
1010 10 15.8 26.9
1020 10 38.2 17.4

Desired layout
Account Cost Ctr Month Amount
1000 10 Jan 25.5
1010 10 Jan 15.8
1020 10 Jan 38.2
1000 10 Feb 63.8
1010 10 Feb 26.9
1020 10 Feb 17.4

By: Travis

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