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Good afternoon

I’m using an Indexing formula and need to wrap a Hyperlink function in my formula. My workbook is keeping an activity log with worksheets linked with formulas that pull data to a master report worksheet. I used the hyperlink function to link a PDF file to a cell in a worksheet which stores data for the master worksheet and the link works great however, the problem is when I pull data to the master worksheet to generate a report the hyperlink file appears but does not open the PDF file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve spent the many hours trying to make this work.

Thank you in advance, I’m using Excel 2013


{=IF(LEN(TRIM(‘Property History Report’!$D$4))>0,SMALL(IF(Activity!$A$2:$A$601=’Property History Report’!$D$4,ROW($C$1:$C$600),600),ROW(‘Property History Report’!A1)),600)}


By: John Donadio

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