Stock Checking with COUNT


To start off I’m fair from experienced with Excel, therefore in need of some of you ‘Excel Geeks’ help.

I’m in need of some help with doing a stock check using excel, checking the stock we have on our database with stock listed on our website and other websites such as eBay.

Currently we export a .csv of all SKUs we have from our database, then the same with eBay and our website. The website stock cells and coloured in green and then eBay in red (leaving the initial database SKUs in black).

We simply A-Z sort these, then scroll through and manually mark ones that have a missing colour, i.e. need to be added onto that platform.

Is there any way to make this painful process much easier using excel or other programs?

Perhaps a formula of somehow recognising if a third value is missing, I’ve got no idea!

Thanks in advance guys.

By: Joe Adams

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