How to Dynamically change the Background Color of a Comment

I am looking to dynamically change the color of Comments (not Manually change the color).


·         I’m using excel 2010 on Windows 7.


·         The cells in Column C use Conditional Formatting to change the background color of the cell to either Red, Yellow, Blue or Green – based on data in other Columns.  This coloring is my status indicator for each Row of data.


·         Each cell in Column C also has a Comment.


I would like to have the BG color of the Comment always change to match the BG color of the cell.  I can do it manually – but would like to have the colors match-up automatically without the need to go into each Comment to change the color to match the current color Status of the Cells in Column C.


My excel experience is basic so I’m not sure whether this can be done via Conditional Formatting, Macros, or other methods….


Any advice is much appreciated.

By: Neil Robichaud

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