How to allocate a value to a data(alphabet)

I would like to create an excel formula that could help me “allocate” a value to an alphabet.


Say for an example,

I create a table 

|A|4| which means (A=4)

|B|3| which means (B=3)

|C|2| which means (C=2)

|D|1| which means (D=1)

and I have a whole lot of data entered into (say for example) column A, with alphabets of random (A,B,C and D).

I would then like to use the cells in column B to translate these alphabets to an allocated numerical value (as shown above). 

What would be the solution?

I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!

P.S You can use any form of formula(not limitting to creating a table specifically to allocate the numerical value. (i.e. create a formula that may or may not refer/look-up to the table above)

By: Marcus Benedict

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