Join Text in Two Columns Together

hello. i am currently working on an excel spreadsheet. i have data in one column. and data in the next. The first column contains sizes of our product. and the next contains the title.


Example. –

Column I


4 X 1/4

4 X 3/8

4 X 1/2

and so on..


Column J


Pozi Countersunk Self Tapping Screw



Instead of them being in two seperate columns, i need them in the same one so it will just read.. 4 X 1/4 Pozi Countersunk Self tapping Screw.


Is there anyway  can do this without having to type it all out again. we have over 5000 items and im looking for an easy way to do this.

By: Emma

2 thoughts on “Join Text in Two Columns Together

  1. andrew walker Post author

    Hi there

    Assuming column K is free and your data starts at row 2, the following should do what you are after…

    Type in cell K2
    =I2&" "&J2
    Then pull the formula down to populate the cells beneath.


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