Advanced Filters – Cell Value Matching Another Cell

Hello! I am trying to do the following without VBA (if possible):

I want my data to filter based on whether or not one of the column’s value matches the value of another cell. For example, one column has a list of locations…say New York, California, Texas, Florida, etc. Another cell in the same workbook (lets call it Sheet2!A!5!) will contain one of these locations, and its value will change periodically. I want my data to filter automatically to contain only the cells whose locations match the location in the other cell (Sheet2!A!5!). I would also like the filtering to update when the location in cell Sheet2!A!5! is updated. Is this possible to do without VBA? I tried doing it using the Advanced Filter option, but I don’t seem to understand how to make a criteria range.


Thank you in advance for your help!

By: Tiffany

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