I would like to ask a question about function at excel, here is the story.


Process A Process B Time of Process
1 1 7:00
1 7:12
1 1 9:01
1 1 9:11
1 7:00
1 1 7:12
Average Process A+B 8:06

the data shown that the total process time of each process. 1 means that the material is go through the process, if the value is blank, it means that the material didnt go through B Process, only the the A Process. i need to find the average of total time wheter it go through both process or only A, Total time average if the material go through only A process, and Total time average that the material go through both process only (Not A only).
In this case i use =AVERAGEIF(Process B;”=1″;Time of Process) so i can get the total time average for the Process A+B only. But what about if i want to average total time which only go through the Process A Only?

There is also a proble, sometimes the B Process Column contain random number so if it possible i would like to know the fuinction that will fill the criteria with “Any Value” so it will be =AVERAGEIF(Process B;”Any value”;Time of Process).

Please help. Thank you ^^

By: Eky

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