Automatically update data in two different sheets?

Hi everyone! 

Since yesterday, I got stuck with a problem, and surfed the entire www, looking for an answer, but no succes. 

Long story short, I have a “Master document”, that contains 2000 rows with information, a sort of the poorest Database. Another company, that provides us a service, picks data from that sheet, use it, and then writes in some more information, on a new Excel sheet (let’s call it Source document) and that data should be also written in the Master document at the end of every week.

The problem, if they pick 200 rows per day, it’s a Sisif job to put in all the additional information they wrote in during the week. Not to mention that data has also to be verified and solved in another program (a real database this time). 

Question: How or what can I do, to be able to update the information from Source Document, into the Master document, considering that:


A. We are not talking about any kind of mathematical operations, but just names, adresses, status, etc. 

B. Copying the new information in the Master document, won’t do it, as it will give me lots and lots of duplicates. 

C. There is just a column where the information is unique for each row, and that is a registration number. 

I would be so grateful to get a bit of help! I’m not good at programming, not good with Excel, feel just lost. There are smarter solutions, like using a webbased database, that both us and the other company could use, etc, etc, but the company I’m working with is absolutely decided not to spend a penny for that. 

I’m using Office Professional 2010 at work, and 2013  Professional Plus, at home. OS is Windows 7 at work, and Windows 8 at home, in case this iformation is relevant. 


Excuse my ignorance, my job is related to communication, I’m just good with people 🙂

By: Carmen

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