Dragging data from a ‘selected’ sheet into another

I have a workbook which consists of 13 worksheets – a summary  sheet and then 12 sheets , one for each month of the year.

Each month, I populate the page for the relevant month with fiugres and comments from project reports.

On the summary page, most of the info is pulled forward into the relevant column/cell, i.e. there is a column for each month so it is very straightforward to populate each cell.

But, I have a few cells which only display a single set of data, usually the latest month’s input. Up till now, these cells have been filled manually but I would like to be able to select the month which I want to look at and then have this data pulled through automatically from the relevant sheet.

I wondered if it would be possible to use a drop-down menu containing a list of the months and then, when the month is selected, it goes to the relevant sheet and pulls those few cell’s contents through for me. I could do this on each cell to make it simpler if necessary.

Is it possible or is there another way, e.g. the user typing in the month or tab name?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Dragging data from a ‘selected’ sheet into another

  1. andrew walker Post author

    Hi there

    You could try this formula (I entered it into cell A5)…


    For my testing cell A1 was for the month and M5 was the data I wanted to pull across. So, if I typed July into A1 then cell A5 would change to reflect the data entered on the July sheet in cell M7.


  2. Ray Laing

    Hi Andrew,

    You are a star. It works like a dream. Many thanks – you have just made me and one of my (very) senior managers very happy. 🙂



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