I am using Excel 2010 on a Win7 PC.  I created a pivot table based on a fairly small data set, combination of text, formulas, percentages, numbers, etc.).  In the pivot table, the values from the source sheet that are derived from If/Then formulas show up in the pivot table as #Div/0!, but the value in the source sheet shows up as 50%.  The 50% (or other percentage value) is a result of the following formula:  =IF(O2=5,”0%”,IF(O2=4,”20%”,IF(O2=3,”40%”,IF(O2=2,”60%”,IF(O2=1,”80%”,IF(O2=0,”100%”)))))).  In other words, I’m assigning a % value based on a numerical ranking from 0 to 5.  However, the Pivot table does not recognize the formula-derived value.  If I just hard key “50%” into the source sheet cell, I have no problem seeing it show up in the pivot table.  Thanks for any help you can offer.

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