VBA Dropdown not Selecting Worksheet

Gents! I suck at Visual basic. I need some help. 
I made a Dropdown box or a Combobox in Excel, and when a value is changed it’s supposed to call another sheet in the same doc. 

Sub DropDown13_Change()

Dim tempValue As String

tempValue = DropDown13.Value

If tempValue = “0” Then
ElseIf tempValue = “1” Then
ElseIf tempValue = “2” Then
ElseIf tempValue = “3” Then
End If
End Sub

tempValue = DropDown13.Value
Is highlighted in the Debug. 

Help, please.

One thought on “VBA Dropdown not Selecting Worksheet

  1. Excel Geek

    Try changing tempValue = DropDown13.Value to tempValue = DropDown13.Text

    See how you go with that.

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