filtering with one criteria, then using another criteria to get one value


I’m having a lot of trouble with trying to filter through a column of values using one criteria, then taking these results to give me just one value due to another criteria. Here’s how it goes, please do ignore the engineering terminology and just take them as abritary values:

1. I have calculated a Plastic Modulus, which is termed “Wpl” for convenience, in cell F9 which will form part of my criteria
2. I have a separate list of data with 3 headings; “Section”, “Plastic Modulus” and “Mass”
3. I want to take all the values of “Plastic Modulus”, L9:L104, and evaluate them against the criteria >=F9(my calculated “Wpl”). This will give me a list of “Section”, K9:K104, which match the criteria i.e. more than one value.
4. I then went to take these ‘filtered’ values and assess them against another criteria based on the their “Mass”, M9:M104. The criteria is that I want the minimum value(I presume using the MIN function).
5. I then want the relevant “Section” to appear in cell H9.

I hope this information will suffice, please ask if you need more. Also note the headings “Section”, “Plastic Modulus” and “Mass” are in cells L8, K8 and M8 respectively. I have been struggling with this for a few hours now and any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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