Excel Formula working on one computer but not on another

I have a Age calculating formula in an excell cell, which calculates the age as on another date.
The forumala is =IF(E4=””,””,IF($C$1=””,””,ROUNDDOWN(($C$1-E4)/365,0))) where E4 is the date of birth and C1 is the date in which I want the age calculated to be.

The above formula works very well on my computer, but does not on any other computer. If I access it from my sent items or from a shared drive, it works perfectly on mine, but not on any other computer!!! I get a #value error message on all other computers.

I have tried the foll:
If i enter =ISNUMBER(C1) where the age has to be calculated, I get #Name?
If I enter =ISNUMBER(E4), i get TRUE
The above is on the sheet where it does not work ( on others computer ) and i get TRUE for both on mine.
Also both have the same date formats and same time zones…

Pls help!


2 thoughts on “Excel Formula working on one computer but not on another

  1. Excel Geek

    Hello there. What version of Excel are you using? Is always the same version, whether it be on your PC or on another PC when the formula does not work?

  2. Excel Geek

    That is odd. It works fine on my machine.

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