Using IF and MAX Function Together

Hi, I am look to make my data entry spreadhseet a little neater. I have two columns of data with a column to the right to list the maximum value between them. So a simple =MAX(C2:C3) will work but leaves a 0 in the max value cell. I think you can use the ISBLANK function but i’m not sure how to put this within the formula. So what I want the cell to do is: If there is no data within C2:C3 then stay blank, if there is data then do the MAX function. It should be very straightforward but having a mental block.

2 thoughts on “Using IF and MAX Function Together

  1. Kat


    Try this formula…


    What the formula does is if the Max number is 0 then display blank, otherwise display the maximum number.

    Hope it helps…?

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