VLookup based on criteria in a specific cell

I have done a spredsheet with Vlookup to another file fine, however, I now want the Vlookup to display the result based on criteria in a certain cell, i.e. cell contains 6 show upto month 6, change it to 7 and it shows 7 etc..

one file contains a load of data and is entered in monthly in columns.  My second file has the vlookpups in it and pull in the data as required, but I want to be able to specify what months it displays based on a cell that contains the month number…. I don;’ know how to achieve this second step?

Can you help?




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  1. Excel Geek

    Hi there

    Yes, a formula can do this. Are you able to provide a little more information? For example, is it just twelve columns – one for each month? Or is a new column added each month?


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