Numbers Imported Incorrectly from CVS

When I open a .cvs file that has a column that contains a number (that is correct when opened in notepad) it comes in incorrectly in the column.  It is a credit card number that is 15 numbers long.  It comes into Excel as a 16 charachter number with a “0” added to the end.  The content of the cell is 5.57E+15.  When you hover over the cell, the 16 digit number is displayed above.  Can anyone tell me why it is converting it to this format instead of showing the credit card number as is, and why is it adding a zero to the end of every number?


One thought on “Numbers Imported Incorrectly from CVS

  1. Kat


    I guess what is happening is that Excel is trying to work out what the best format for those numbers should be. It would appear because it is shortening the number sequence as you describe it is storing the number as General Format. Highlight the column containing the credit card numbers and format the cells as Number and set the decimal places to 0. This should then result in the numbers displaying correctly.

    I hope that solves it for you…

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