Iterative Calculations

So I have recently made some quite useful spreadsheets with just using basic formulas and seem to have hit a wall with a few things.

I can’t seem to permanently enable iterative calculations. I would like it to be linked to a document but would be ok with having to set it permanently on computers.

If this can not be done I may be forced to use VBA unless anyone has other suggestions.

Currently I have one spreadsheet which records peoples performance of a task by their initials. I have a second sheet which counts the total instances of the initials and records it. I have it set up to “save” the values at the end of every month so total performance is recorded per month. Unfortunately to get the functions to stay a value after a certain date I have been forced to have the cell refer to itself or a loop in cells causing a need for iterative calculations to be enabled.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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