Calculate Commission across Multiple Values

Hi I was hoping you could guide me on how I can calculate my commission based on more than 3 factors.

i.e. our company uses 3 different lendcare services (we get paid a different % on each lendcare), my commission is also based on the amount of time the lendcare will be effective for (30 days, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year) and last but not least, is based on the amount sold.


Chair Sold at $1,200 (Used Lendcare B on a 6 month loan)

Table sold at $2,999 (Lendcare C on a 3 month loan)

Bedset sold at $4,999 (Lendcare B on a 1 year loan)

Lendcare A: Pays 50%

Lendcare B: Pays 60%

Lendace C: Pays 70%


30 Days Loan: Pays Full Price

3 Months: 39%

6 Months: 15%

1 year: No commission



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