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I need a formula that will do the following: If the current target is within 33% of the proposed target, increase/decrease to the proposed target, if the current target is greater than 33% away from the proposed target that add/subtract 33% of the current target, if the current target is 0 keep at 0. For example, if the new target is 100 and the current is 80 move to 100, if the current is 50 move to 83 (50 + 33), if the current is 110 move to 100, if 160 move to 107,etc. I created this formula but it only works when the current target is 0 or below the proposed target. I cannot make it work when I add to it for when the current target is above the proposed target. =IF((CZ4=0),0,IF(AND(CZ4>CW4*0.66666),CW4,(CW4*0.33333)+CZ4))

Any suggestions?

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  1. Excel Geek

    Hi there

    Try this

    =IF(CZ4=0,0,IF(AND(CZ4>$CW$4*0.66666,CZ4< $CW$4*0.34+$CW$4),$CW$4,IF(CZ4>$CW$4*0.33+$CW$4,CZ4*0.67,$CW$4*0.33333+CZ4))))

    Note the use on some of the If statements of .67 or .34. This is to stop the problem whereby if it was 133 it should display 100 as it is within 33%, but it doesn’t – instead it would display 166.

    Hope the nested IF formula is useful for you!

    Thanks for writing

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