Calculate Net VAT and Total


I have three coilumns





I need to work out how once we enter each nett it will work out the vat and total. (iideally it can also work backwards from the total>vat>net)

However as we have a lot of entries I wonder if there is a way of making the whole collumn do the same sum rather than having to enter the forumla in each relevent box

I can then do a totaliser at the bottom of each collumn.

any help mucho apreciated



2 thoughts on “Calculate Net VAT and Total

  1. Excel Geek

    Hello there

    This formula will calculate the the VAT for you:
    =H1/100*20 – Just change the H1 reference to where your Net data starts.

    This formula will calculate VAT and provide you with a total figure inclusive of VAT:
    =H1/100*20+(H1) – Remember to change the two references to H1 to where your Net data starts.

    This formula will provide a VAT amount paid from a total cost:
    =H1/(100+20)*(100)-H1 – again remember change reference to H1.

    This formula will provide a Net price from a total cost paid:
    =H1/(100+20)*(100) – again watch the H1 references and change where appropriate.

    I hope this helps!

    Thanks for writing

  2. r.bartlett

    many thanks

    I will need time to digest your formula and incorporate

    again many thanks


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