Adding a column in a IF function

i have an overview page. i need to add an entire column from a differant sheet if it says a certain word. the column will have 4 differant words i need to add the amount each word comes up

3 thoughts on “Adding a column in a IF function

  1. Katie


    Do you mean you want to insert a new column, or add the number of occurrences of a particular word?


  2. Excel Geek

    Try using the countif function. So let’s assume you want to count the number of times the word “Alpha” appears in a list in column A. In another cell type =COUNTIF(A1:A100,"Alpha")

    This assumes you have words in cells A1 to A100. Simply change the range so it is specific to your requirements.

  3. Trisha


    I’m trying to work with a stock report that marks sales against a membership number. Each item purchased has a row. Which means that any one transaction might have 1-10+ rows. What I’m trying to do is consolidate that, so if the membership number (in column A) is repeated then i want them to total the “amount paid” for all rows with that membership number and put the total either in the first or last instance of that members number.

    Any ideas on how I can do this? I’m in Excel 2003 which doesn’t help


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