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Hi, in my MS 2003 version of Excel I could connect 2 pictures/graphics together using the connector lines indicated by coloured circles at each end from Excel’s Drawing options. I have now moved onto MS 2007 & cannot find the same connector lines in the Drawing options or anywhere else within 07 Excel. My question is are the connector lines still available & where would I find them in MS Excel 2007?
Thank you for any help you can give me.

Barry Simmons, Swindon, United Kingdom

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  1. Excel Geek

    Hello Barry

    You can add a connector line in Excel 2007 as follows:

    1.On the Insert tab, within the Illustrations group, click on Shapes.

    2.Under Lines, click the line or connector that you would like to add.

    3. To draw a line that connects shapes, on the first shape, point to where you want to attach the connector, click the first connection site, point to the other shape, and then click the second connection site. Connection sites appear as red circles as you move the pointer over a shape.

    Hope this helps.

    A full explanation is available from Microsoft.

    Thank you for contacting me!

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