4 thoughts on “Calculate VAT in Excel

  1. shannon

    I need to work out the total cost, but first I need to work out 20% to do so.

    Can anyone help please?

    Code Description Hours Rate Cost
    SET01 Changing settings on a PC 2 £12.50 £25.00
    SET03 Installing software 1 £12.00 £12.00
    SUP03 Providing home tuition 2.5 £12.50 £31.25

    VAT at 20%

  2. andrew walker Post author

    Hello Shannon

    For my working the £68.25 is in cell J20. Just adjust the formula to your cell reference. In the cell where you want the VAT to appear, type this….
    Remember, to adjust the J20 to whatever cell it is you want to calculate the VAT to be added.

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