Use Excel to Send Email from VBA

You can use Excel to send emails from VBA. Using Excel VBA we can send an email containing our Excel file as an attachment to an email address we specify.

With five lines we can automate the process of sending our active Excel workbook to an email address. Simply copy the code below, and paste it into a new module.

Sub EmailWorkbook()

ActiveWorkbook.SendMail _
Recipients:="", _
Subject:="Email from Excel Geek"

End Sub

Easy as that to send an email using VBA.

Nice short simple post. I hope you found it useful!

One thought on “Use Excel to Send Email from VBA

  1. Sanket Gokhale

    I want a module in which the sheets updates it should send emails to respective feild name which updated.. can you help me?? plzz.. thanx in advance.

    Sanket Gokhale

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