If Functions

I have 53 week numbers along columns AE to CE

In column I is the total Quantity.

In column Y is the start week number – 7 in this case.

In column Z is the end week number – 15 in this case.

I want to be able divide the total quantity by the number of weeks 7 thru 15 = 9

and spread these into the relevant week no columns, with zeros in the other columns.

I bet this is really easy when you know how …


5 thoughts on “If Functions

  1. Excel Geek


    This should work quite nicely. Enter the following formula into each cell that is a week number, so cells AE to CE. Remember to change the cell references if they are different to yours. For the calculations I took a total value of 50.

    =IF(AND(AE1< =$Z$2,AE1>=$Y$2),$I$2/($Z$2-$Y$2+1),"0")

    I have also added the workbook, which you are welcome to download so you can see how it is set up.

    If it’s not what you were looking for please let me know and I can rework it!

    Thanks for writing!

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  3. Martin Burroughs

    Thanks. This did the trick. I changed some of the $ signs. I couldn’t find this in the Excel help!

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