If Function – If False Do Nothing

The IF function has the following syntax:


My questions is,
If I don’t want the function to take any action in the case of the logical test is false, what do I write in the “value_if_false” field?

In short, I need the already existing value in the cell to remain as is, if the IF function tests false.

Would appreciate your help.

7 thoughts on “If Function – If False Do Nothing

  1. Excel Geek


    Have you tried specifying the cell for the value if false option?

    So for example, if cell A1 contains the number 1, cell B2 would contain the following formula:


    So if cell A1 contains anything other than the number 1 then cell B1 will display the same value as A1. Obviously this is a simplified example, and you could base it on calculations as well.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for writing.

  2. CM

    Thanks for the reply.

    I did try naming the same cell (A1) in the false field. It gives me a circular reference error but the value does however get retained.

    Now the issue is with another cell A2, whose value depends on the value of A1(after a formula calculation in A2), which does not compute. I tried fiddling with the formula for A2 and it still does not work.

    Finally, I tried to check what actual value of A1 that was received at A2. I used the formula (= A1) in A2. The value showed “0” in A2. The value in A1 at the time showed 19.

    In short
    A1 Shows 19 (after circular reference error)
    A2 = A1
    Now A2 Shows 0

    Any suggestions?

  3. PFit

    Hi CM, Excel Geek 🙂
    Suggest getting rid of the circular reference, … use a second column to do the logic, the first column to hold the values.

    Row Column A Column B
    1 3 If(A1>2,1,A1) … answer is 1
    2 =B1+4 … answer is 5

    You can always hide the column you don’t want to see.

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