Calculate VAT Paid in a Total Cost

Using a simple calculation you can quickly workout how much VAT you have paid in the price of product. Let’s assume a product you buy costs £150.00 and you want to know how much of that was VAT. You can’t just workout the VAT by working out 20% of £150 as the figure will be too high. So you need to perform the following calculation to give you your VAT paid:


Using the above gives an answer of £25.00 of VAT paid at a rate of 20%.

VAT-calculatorBut what if you want to know the difference in VAT paid compared to 17.5% and 20%. Attached to this post is an Excel document. Simply download it and enter your cost, and two VAT rates (previous and new rates) and it will work out the VAT paid and the difference! Great! Click on the image for information on where to enter these details.

Remember that different products attract different rates of VAT so be sure to enter the correct VAT rate in the worksheet.

If you click into the cells that contain the figures you can see the formula that I have written to calculate the various figures.

Files may become corrupted during transmission over the internet, as such I am not responsible for any errors, omissions, or damage caused.

Click here to download the VAT Calculator.  I hope you find it useful!

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  1. Excel Geek

    Thank you for noticing my typo. The formula is correct but I have written the answer for VAT at 17.5%.

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