How to Send an Email From Excel

Excel has a built in function that allows you to link to other worksheets, workbooks, websites and for this example also send an email by clicking on a link. The function is called HYPERLINK.

The format for the function is based as so, HYPERLINK(link_address,[friendly_name]). The link address will be the email address and the friendly name is the text you want to see displayed in the cell that you then click on to send the email. For our example of sending an email from Excel I will be adding in some extra features that will include the subject title as well.

Once the function has been written the cell will contain a link which when clicked will open your default email client, insert the email address you wish to email and the subject title as well.

To get started, select a cell and type the following function:

=HYPERLINK(" Excel Geek","Email Excel Geek")


You should then have the text displayed in a cell similar to the image below:


Now, to make it specific to your requirements, simply change the following parts to the email address you want to send to, the subject and the friendly name that will be displayed in the cell. – change the email address to whichever one you want but leave the mailto: at the beginning.

?subject=Contact Excel Geek – this is the subject title for the email – change it to whatever you want to see displayed. But ensure you leave the ?subject= at the beginning.

"Email Excel Geek" – this is what is displayed in the cell for you to click on. Change it to whatever you want displayed. Remember it must be within the “” marks.

With some further modification you could create a piece of VBA code that would automate this process and you could create an email list of customers that you email frequently. Just start the routine and it will cycle through the emails and send them.

I hope you found this post useful.

5 thoughts on “How to Send an Email From Excel

  1. Andrew


    Try this….

    =HYPERLINK(" ? Excel Geek", "SendEmail")

  2. Alan

    Hi Andrew, I’m using excel mailto: hyperlink successfully, however, I have a number of generic email accounts available to me. Is it possible to include a “From [email address]” within the string so as to not use the default address? I can’t seem to get the syntax correct. Regards Alan

  3. Benny50

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