How to Link to a Website from Excel

Using Microsoft Excel’s HYPERLINK function allows you to link to other worksheets, workbooks, and websites.

The format for the HYPERLINK function is as follows, HYPERLINK(link_address,[friendly_name]). The link address will be the website address and the friendly name is the text you want to see displayed in the cell that you then click on to go to the website.

Once you have written the function the cell will contain a link which when clicked will open your default internet browser and then load the website.

To get started, select a cell and type the following function:

=HYPERLINK("","Visit Excel Geek Website")


You should then have the text displayed in a cell similar to the image below:


To make the HYPERLINK function specific to your requirements, simply change the following parts to the website address you want to link to and the friendly name that will be displayed in the cell.

"" – change the website address to whichever one you want. Remember the address must be between “” marks.

"Visit Excel Geek Website" – this is what is displayed in the cell for you to click on. Change it to whatever you want displayed. Remember it must be within the “” marks.

I hope you found this post useful.

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