Insert Multiple Rows/Columns at the Same Time

I was recently asked how do you insert more than one row, or column, at a time in Excel.

When inserting rows or columns you need to remember that for rows, excel will push rows downwards to make space for the new rows. And for columns, Excel will push to the right to insert the additional columns.

Inserting Multiple Rows at the Same Time

insert-multiple-rows-in-excelLet’s say you have in column A numbers one to ten from row to row ten. But you now discover you need to insert multiple rows after row seven. Let’s assume it’s five additional rows required. Simply select row eight, remember Excel pushes downwards so we’re selecting the row after. Continue selecting five rows downwards from eight to 12. To select an entire row click on the row numbers down the left hand side. Once you have the number of rows highlighted that you want to insert, right click with the mouse and select insert. You now have five additional rows inserted after row number eight.

Inserting Multiple Columns at the Same Time

insert-multiple-columns-in-excelIn this example we will be inserting multiple columns into Excel. Lets assume you have from Column A to column D used with various data in. But you now need to insert five additional columns into Excel after column B. Remember for columns, Excel shifts to the right when inserting additional columns. So select column C and the four columns after it. To select an entire column click the column letter at the top of worksheet. You should now have five columns highlighted. As before, right click with the mouse and select insert. You should now have five additional columns inserted after column B.

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