Insert Custom Header in Excel 2007

Unlike Word, when you insert a header or footer in Excel you don’t see it within the document until you either print preview or ultimately print the document. Whether you chose to insert a header or footer, the options are the same and so are the steps.

Inserting Customer Header or Footer

Step 1
On the tabs at the top of the worksheet.  Click the one called Page Layout.  This will open the options for this tab.  Then click on the button called Print Titles (as highlighted).

Step 2
insert-custom-header-excel-2007-step-2You will now be presented with the Page Setup user form with several options relating to page setup. Click the tab called Header/Footer. This will then display the options available to you for inserting a header or footer into the document. You will see for header or footer there are pre-formatted options available from a drop down menu. These will add things like date created, page numbers, author and so on. Click the drop down menu and have a look at all the options.

However, for this, we will be using a customer header. So ensure the (none) option is selected in the drop down menu for headers.

Step 3
So we now have the tab visible for the custom header. There are three boxes available to type in; left, centre, and right. These dictate where the text will appear, left, centre or right respectively. So click into whichever box you would like the text in. You will also see some small icons available. Clicking these will insert preset text options, such as date, page number, author and so on. On my example I have used all three boxes. Once completed, click OK.

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