Calculate Working Days Between two Dates

Excel has an inbuilt function that allows you to work out the number of working days between two dates.

In fact, it is just calculate-working-daysas simple as working out the total number of days between two dates. So this is extremely useful in a business environment as the calculations remove the weekends from the total number of days.

Calculating Working Days in Excel

To calculate the number of working days, select a cell and then type the following

=NETWORKDAYS(First Date,Last Date).

Then hit enter. In the formula, where it says First Date you must enter a cell reference, for example A1.  Where it says Last Date, you must enter the cell reference that contains your last date, for example B1.

But, you can also enter dates manually within the formula.  For this to work the dates must be within ” marks.  For example, to work out the number of working days for the whole 2010 using dates entered manually your formula should like this;


Calculating working days really is that easy!

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