Sum the Largest Numbers in a List

Summing the largest numbers in a list can easily be completed by combing the Excel SUM and Excel LARGE functions together into one formula.

Doing this will then add the largest numbers insum-largest-numbers-in-list a list together.

Summing the Largest Numbers in a List.
This examples presumes you only want to some the two largest numbers in a list. So using the image that shows the list in Excel we will sum the two largest numbers only. Click in cell A6 and type the following formula.


This will give an answer of 80. The sum being 50+30=80.
If you wanted to sum the three highest numbers then simply put a comma after the number two and then type 3. So you would have {1,2,3}. If there are two numbers tied for the last highest number position then Excel will only count the first instance of that number it finds.

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