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When I was first starting to increase my knowledge of VBA programming in Excel I bought this book by Jinjer Simon

.  For the past 18 years the author has been actively involved in the computer industry. Her involvement includes programming, providing software technical support, training end–users, developing written and online user documentation, creating software tutorials, and developing Web sites. She is the author of several computer books.

Excel ProgrammingExcel Programming
Your Visual Blueprint for Creating Interactive Spreadsheets

A Great Book for Learning Excel VBA

If you are a beginner on Excel VBA the book has about 150 5-10 minute ‘learn-by-example’ lessons which get you up to speed on Excel VBA before moving on to more comprehensive Excel VBA examples.

The 337 pages in the book progress you from from the simple process of recording macros through to the more complex aspects of programming with Excel VBA. The book features over 120 key Excel programming techniques; including:

  • Creating and launching keyboard shortcuts
  • Setting macro security
  • Assigning a digital signature
  • Developing a function with VBA
  • Displaying a built–in dialog box
  • Converting a list into an array
  • Using the msgbox function
  • Processing a runtime error
  • Saving a workbook in a specified format
  • Finding the intersection of two ranges

Each example includes step by step screenshots so there is no misunderstanding of what is required. The descriptive explanations are kept concise, with the emphasis always on learning by doing. My personal opinion is this the best way to learn!

Each chapter in the book has, approximately, 10 two page examples. I did not read this book from cover to cover, rather I picked out examples to do as I worked on real world projects.  But, for a beginner, reading from cover to cover is an ideal way of improving your knowledge of Excel VBA and its processes.

The CD-ROM inside the back cover includes all the source code used for every example, an electronic version of the book and some additional software.

In my opinion this is an essential book to have if you are starting out in Excel VBA.  The easy to do examplesExcel Programming take you effortlessly from beginner to being comfortable with Excel VBA. Even if you are an Intermediate programmer with Excel VBA you would benefit from this book due to its comprehensive listing of Excel Functions and what they do.  I still refer to this section often in my work. To purchase this book, or for further information visit Amazon by clicking the book cover right. This will open the link in a new window. I am an affiliate of

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    Brain: The model is 95% complete and shluod be out this weekend. I’ve never tried Old School Value’s model, but I just went over to that site and it looks it offers some useful tools. Mike: The financial data is pulled from Google Finance. I’ve never tried pulling from MSN because I always found that important data was missing from their financial statements to perform my DCF valuation. How were you pulling your data from MSN? Through Excel?

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