Summing Cells in Range using SUM Function

Before Excel 2007 the maximum number of rows per worksheet was 65000!  And if you had numbers in just a thousand of those, and needed to a total of all the numbers it would take quite a while to go through each cell and sum each one, one by one.

A real easy way to sum using-sum-function-in-excelcells is using the SUM function in Excel.

Using the example opposite, you will see that cells B2 to B9 contain various numbers.  So to work out the SUM, click in B10 and type


Cell B10 contains the result of using SUM, which is 97.  Using the SUM function sums the contents of the cells in that (see the green circle) range.

Having said all of this, there is a quicker to sum cells using Excel’s Auto Sum feature!

But what you wanted to just count the cells, and not the values contained within?  This is where Excel’s COUNT function comes in!

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