Convert a Row into a Column

Converting a row to a column, or column to a row, is very easy in Excel using the transpose feature. Often you find yourself presented with data in rows, but it would be more preferable to have it in a column.

Convert Column to Row
Let’s say you have a row comprised of cell A1 to cell H1. The row contains numbers one to eight, starting withconvert-row-to-column-transpose number 1 in cell A1 and ending with number 8 in cell H1. Simply highlight the row using the mouse. Then click the right mouse button and select copy. Then click in a cell where you want your column to start and go down from. In my example I will click cell A2. Then right click in this cell and select paste special from the pop up menu. This will open a window detailing different paste options. At the bottom will be a tickbox labelled Transpose. Tick it and click ok. Your row is now in a column! It’s the same process if you want to convert a column to a row.

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